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Meet The Team

The Faces of Our Organization

Welcome to our team! We are thrilled to have you on. We believe that together we can achieve great things and a positive impact. Let's work hard, support each other, and have fun as we create future leaders who are inspired !

Kerwin Richards

Welcome to our website! As the Director of Public Relations, I'm here to provide you with the latest news and updates. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting!

Yvonne Rich

As a project coordinator, I ensure timely and budget-friendly completion of projects. I work closely with our teams as we overcome potential roadblocks, and pay close attention to detail to accomplish FLI's goals.

Reganel Reeves

Hey there! I'm the Director of Philanthropy and I'm all about making a difference in our. With some creative ideas, we can really make a positive. Thanks for being a part of our mission to help inspire future leaders!

Mariam Kassi

Hello and welcome! As the project manager, I am thrilled to have you here. Our organization is dedicated to empowering young people and creating positive change in our community. Thank for joining us on journey.

Christian Reeves

As a mentorship coordinator, i help provide guidance and support our unwavering commitment to helping FLI achieve their goals is truly commendable and makes a significant impact on their lives.

Michael Angelo

Akwaaba, to our organization! As the PR manager, I am excited to have you here. Our team is committed to promoting our mission and values to the wider community. Thank you and we look forward to working you.

Contact us today for more about our incredible team.

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